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Sunday, 8 July 2007

Eaten Away

Cutting my losses
Just moving on
Accepting defeat
Extracting a thorn

How was I fooled?
Blind as a bat
Humility absent
You're not where I'm at.

Yeah, go on, snigger
Playing your game
Who's your next quarry?
So friggin'lame

Should I just hope you
Choke on your bile
Even your death
Isn't worthwhile.

All this is silly
The anger I feel
Frustration uncloaks me
Rage makes me its meal.

Why this theatrics?
It baffles me so.
Because it was not
where I wanted to go.

And when I relented
You knew you had snared
This stupid damn fool
That could never be spared.

You gawked and you prodded
And when you were bored
Made the decision
To ignite the discord.

This throwaway thing
Is how I do feel.
Frustration uncloaks me
Rage makes me its meal.